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At Blue Hill we treat your pets as our family.

  Blue Hill has strived to be a gentle and caring groomer.  My clientele is made up of a wide variety from the very petite 2 pound Shih Tzu to the almost 200 lb Newfoundland.  From just a few months old to the very aging requiring the most compassionate care, we love them all! We are committed to giving your pet a safe and caring service .


Welcome to Blue Hill Pet Grooming.

Ice “chillin”

  Just as you feel better when you are clean and healthy, so do your dogs. Regular brushing and combing helps to remove hair and dirt, and prevents matting. Good grooming


We will examine the skin closely for signs of flea, ticks or skin irritations, and will look for any unusual problems with the coat such as mats, tangles, dandruff, etc.
Mats and tangles can be carefully removed while grooming.



Regular grooming is essential to your dog's health and well being.

Brushing will stimulate the skin, and allow the natural oils to circulate through the coat.

It will also allow us to carefully check for potentially serious problems, such as hair loss,   inflammations, unusual tenderness or lumps under the skin.
- Constant scratching in a particular area may also be an indication of a serious problem.
- Check with your veterinarian about any unusual problems found.



will help keep your dog healthy. And they’ll just love the nice calm baths, gentle massages and warm fluff drying. (They might even get a treat or toy afterwards)!


Please pamper me!

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