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  I started taking what I learned from my mentor and using those abilities on my own dogs.  I created special styles for my Aussie  which he loves because he is such a ham, and, Bellemi Rose, the Collie needs such special care because she was abused and can be so skiddish, I have given that to her and now she enjoys her baths and grooms.  


   Plans are in the works for a new grooming shop and a small, very personable boarding facility. Keep checking back for the progress.  I want to provide a homelike facility to care for your dog!  I know the worries and concerns, I want to provide your pet with the utmost care so that they’ll beg you to go on vacation just so they can come and play at Blue Hill!





I look forward to making your dog/pet look the best it can be, and be healthy and happy in doing so. I greatly appreciate any suggestions and comments. I can only learn by knowing.


   Thank you to all of my past and present clients, and I look forward to any and all new clients! A very special thanks to my very first customer “Patches” who sees me about every eight weeks. Love ya girl!  XXOO!





 The very reason I decided to become a groomer was because of our own dogs.  We had a beautiful Golden Retriever “Ben” who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, the love of my life “Ice” an Australian Shepherd that I rescued near starved at 1-½ years old (he’s 13 now!) and “Bellemi Rose” a Rough Coated Collie that we rescued from Pittsburgh P.A.  


   I decided I needed to learn how to maintain them to the very best of my abilities.  About 5 years ago I found an absolutely wonderful woman in Orchard Park that has groomed for over 35 years that was willing to take me under her wing and let me study under her.  I found this was the very best way of learning on a one on one basis and the majority of  her clients are Poodles, and they require a lot of  grooming & special technique. To this day I still groom there on most Saturdays and still learn something new every time.  No school could’ve ever taught me what I have been taught there.  



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