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My wife and I would just like to say how pleased we are with Mr. Gibbs and Buddy's grooming. They look very nice with excellent cuts and nail trims. We will be sending them to you again in the not too distant future. Many thanks for looking after them so well.                Stan & Patty Gunsolus, Chaffee

Over the past few years, my family has taken several dogs to Sharon at Blue HIll Pet Grooming. The first thing I noticed about Sharon is her love for animals. She has a real compassion for any and all animals, which is very apparent in her handling of the animals she grooms. She always makes sure we are happy with the grooming before we leave, and Sharon is very accommodating and flexible in scheduling appointments. Our lab gets very excited when we pull in the driveway because she loves seeing Sharon and she knows there will be a treat waiting for her!                Bonnie McKune,  Arcade

Over the last few years, I have been living in New York City with my toy poodle Trixi. I bring her back to Arcade with me several times a year and take her to Sharon’s every time I visit. Sharon always finds a way to squeeze us in, even when we call at the last minute. Each time I have taken Trixi I have been happy with the cut, and Sharon has even recommended a few different styles, based on the season. Sharon’s love for animals is amazing, and every time I bring Trixi, Sharon greets us with a smile. Every time I pick Trixi up, we leave with a different gift. Sharon has given us everything from before and after pictures to scarves and toys.                                                         Alicia Kelly,  NYC



I dedicate Blue Hill Pet Grooming to all of my angels, first and foremost to my Mother, Ruth DeSio, who watches over me and will always be in my heart. She taught me the love for animals! And of course, Ben, our wonderful Golden Retriever, Sweetie Girl my wonderful horse who was so brief in my life, but cherished so greatly and Kitters, our dear cat of 25+ years of age, who tolerated so much and gave even more, you are all my greatest motivators!  I dedicate my past, present and future to you!  Thank you!           Sharon